Friday, March 14, 2008

Burble & Pine - March Of The Truffles

Hear The Track Here

'I have never signed up for one of your reviews before' this artist stated, 'because I didn't think anything I threw together was worthy of your ears' Not the same thing as a large denomination banknote of course, but ego stroking is ego stroking and I'll get it wherever I can. Won't mean crap in a review situation of course but hey, it helps me to get through the day. Burble and Pine seem to be a one man show (electronica, UK based) and yes, completely new to me, although probably not for much longer. Believe me when I say this, ol' B&P, whatever you may seriously think about my ears I have heard the very worst that humanity had to dish out and I'm still sane.

Aren't I? Who the **** are you? You looking at me!!!

March Of The Truffles is a tasty confection (Ed: and that's enough of that Gilmore!) which came as a complete surprise given the comments previously made. Yeah, but. There's always one, isn't there? Maybe he made those comments knowing I'd underrate him before listening... Curse these plots!!! I'm losing mine. Billed as experimental electronica March of the Truffles is an easy listen and at just over four minutes no stretch for even the most shrivelled of pea-brains. There's a nice relaxed feel to the track that draws you in from the get go, but the real tricks come with the many and varied breaks in the rhythm. I do love it when things fly about the stereo picture.

There is a guitar lead motif running through this I could swear I have heard before somewhere, but its effective enough so meh. March Of The Truffles, ultimately after a great many plays, showed a neat musical sensibility that doesn't really register at first. You get the 'ooh that's nice' routine but once you've worn it in a bit you get to realise how musically competent this is, and how well it is structured to show off that knowledge. It may be the first time you ever been reviewed by me but I doubt it will be the last, not judging by the quality of this.

Highly Recommended electronica.

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