Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alchemystic - Dark Omen

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Things have been quiet on the Alchemical front lately. You notice such things, ya know? After all, for a while there during 2007 I was beginning to think that all the bloody months started with an A and ended with a mystic. Mind you, I mustn't cavail much because I've actually been a big fan ever since I heard Sands Of Time (May 2005), even though I got confused about some of the labelling of this highly individualistic electronica musician. There ain't quite anyone like the Alchy One, whether you like what he does or not. He always makes music that is interesting, often challenging and always entertaining, even when he veers into film soundtrack territory - and I go a long way to avoid such aural swamps.

Except for this artist and a couple more.

Dark Omen is a 'drum n bass/symphonic/metal thing' according to Alchemystic and I'd say that was an accurate description of what you can expect on the surface. As ever though with this artist, it's always better to live with the track than to make any instant decisions about what you are hearing. To my ears, this is a remarkably different sound and style for him but not one I would have said would have been beyond him - another reason why I like his work so much. He's never been afraid to venture into something new and this gothic/space opera is about the wildest place he's ever ventured before. It's also a nicely current sound that will attract a lot more people to this artist, and not before time.

Although the track only tops out at a titchy three minutes and change (Alchy and epic have been known to go together), Dark Omen is nevertheless an action packed three minutes and change. Obviously it helps that you have a natural urge to the frenetic pace of DnB, but there is plenty of others things to see and delight in along the way - like the excellent church organ that gives this track that gothic feel. At root, I think that this track has its roots firmest in yer good old rock but it's enough of a combination to stir plenty, plenty juices. A thrill ride packed with 'will you fekkin look at that!' moments. Alchemystic goes metal on your ass. Whatever that means.

Excellent blend of styles. MUST HAVE for fans. (that's me and maybe you)

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