Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Buried Talents Band - Unsung Heroes

Hear The Track Here

Buried Talents Band are three brothers Joe, Steve and Chris Solaas, Al English Jr, Sheila Zachary and Mark Lucchessi, hailing from Middle America (nuffing wrong wiv that mate) and are a Pop/Contemporary Christian band. I've reviewed them once before - In The Garden (February 2008) - and I've think I've have to say I've heard better. So, let me get one thing straight before we get to this track. I don't care about genre, style, labelling, lifestyle or even hairstyle, what I care about is notes. Lots and lots of lovely notes. Of the bankable kind? I wish. Nope musical notes is what keeps me going, and pretty much I care about in this sphere of my activities. I know what can be done, what I am constantly looking for are people that actually do it, all the time everytime.

Whether you make music for the joy of it or for the riches n bitches, if it's up on Soundclick you are judged by that music, and least of all - I might add - by li'l ol' me. I've been around this site for many, many years and it's a tough nut to crack, the bar is very high. Like In The Garden, Unsung Heroes is an overtly Christian song with a powerful message - at least on paper (as it were). Excellent lyrics, albeit of the parable kind but what else should you expect? Surprisingly enough on this track I did hear why people say this guy sounds like Neil Young, which I didn't hear on the previous track. Unfortunately, though, neither lyrics or a singer that sounds like whatsisname is going to do much when faced with the instrumentation problems. The same things, incidentally, that dogged their previous track.

About 99.999% of us are doing this and our day jobs but the one thing that we have in common is that we don't SOUND as if that were the case. I complained about the lifelessness of the arrangement and the vocals and the same thing applies here. The shame is that Buried Talents Band sound, occasionally, that they could be something but you would have to do an awful lot of polishing to see it. The worst problem here was the drum/percussion sounds which didn't do anything for the track whatsoever. I hate to dish on music but when something needs to be said, well it's just got to be. I'm sure this band do have potential, at least in their genre, but they are going to have to tighten up considerably to fulfill it.

All IMHO obviously.

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