Thursday, March 27, 2008

Corey Drumz - Off My Mind

Hear The Track Here

When I encountered The Retribution (January 2007) the name of Corey Drumz became implanted in my brain, and he's provided plenty of evidence to show that he knows more than a trick or two. Hip hop is the name of the game, and the more commercial side of it at that. I see nothing wrong with this style whatsover, especially if you know something about the way music is made in the poorer parts of America. This is a country remember where singing/rapping quartets/quintets and up were a part of the scenery. Street corner singing has given some music greats their start and hip hop/rap (especially of this type) is its logical musical progression.

***** me, have I swallowed a professor suddenly??

What I mean, of course, it that it sounds pretty. Not pink, ponies and unicorns pretty mind, just vocally an extremely potent blend. I refer, of course, to Corey's regular partner-in-crime Kirk Bannano. It's their style that has made some of their past tracks so powerful, and Off My Mind is a spectacular example of why this artist has gained such stature. To be honest, the softer side of hip hop/R&B generally give me the upchucks and I wouldn't touch it with yours, let alone mine**

Done properly, however, it becomes not just listenable but - dare I say it - desirable.

This is apparently a remix by Buzzhawg and Mecca Styles but hey, I never heard the original so wtf. Made up for it this time and played the bejeesus out of this track. So much so that my wife has started singing it while doing her slave duties and that - I must admit - is a bit worrying. Normally when I review a track I am going to put a much harsher slant on it if the track is for $ale. Yes, you can listen to this track online but if you want to own it's little body, you'd better ante up... Mind you, if you like the style (smooth vocal, warm track) this is one track I would recommend for purchase.

Excellent vocal R&B from I.K.E. Highly Recommended.

** (Ed: Now what exactly did he mean by that comment?)

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