Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tall Child - Andy, andy

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My last track for review this month comes from a connection made through my RebelRiffs blog, which is avidly read by my mum and my dog incidentally, and is becoming a regular source of new material outside of the tracks I normally gather in my review lists. Tall Child, from Limousin in la belle France is, I think being a little too disingenuous when he states in his webpage 'to be blunt, I'm not sure what I am doing'. It's a good job the music was already playing otherwise I'd have whipped off the page before you could say cli.... I jest, of course, but with a serious point; you are a musician and you do know what you are doing. I've heard much, much worse where the artists are CERTAIN their tracks are the best ever.

OK, I'll get serious now...

It is obvious that Tall Child has mucho chops as both a musician and producer as I assume that he made everything you hear while sampling the delights of Andy, andy. There are a couple of issues I have but overall this is a clean, well thought out track that show considerable knowledge of arrangement, production and the dynamics of songwriting. Hey, where I live those are the common food groups and it's always nice to welcome new blood. Especially someone as fiery and passionate in musical and vocal performance as Tall Child.

'I did that stint in the studio and I’ve got a load of songs all ready to go but even so, I don’t feel comfortable enough to release them' he adds. If this track is an indication of 'a load of songs ready to go' then I can only say get them out there because you've already gained one avid listener. I can't say I am sure about a couple of moments in the track but the overall impression is very compelling. There's an odd cut off in sound between certain of the sounds and one of the breaks is noticably abrupt. Nonetheless, what really counts is the song, and Andy, andy is a terrifiic one and, so it would appear, a moving memorial. I'm keeping this one.

Excellent alternative rock. Very Highly Recommended

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