Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sexmusic - Ecstasy

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Obviously whoever is behind Sexmusic is a plain speaker, because in the name of this artist and the title of this track we have the main three food groups essential to life; sex, drugs and rock and roll. Which surprisingly enough caused me to wander down memory lane to a time when such things were staples rather than the odd luxury. While I was musing such trivia I happened to be looking up Sexmusic to start this review, and noticed that he'd also worked with an old, old mate of mine from Hawkind, Nik Turner. It is a very small world, no matter what people say; six degrees of separation sounds about right. Anyway, lets get to the drugs...

Ecstasy in this case, so just say no kids. Riiiiiiiiiiight, that'll work.

This is also POP's Chris Bishop's review choice of the month so you can bet your bollocks that its gonna be something worth listening to, even if you don't like the style (in this case electronica). Calling this electronica though is really stretching that point, sounds like the whole world and his brother rocked out on this track and it shows. I'm certain that Sexmusic gets ticked off with these references to being an electronica musician. Sure the way the music is made is undeniably electronic but often what comes out is something I would consider rock music. As, indeed, does Ecstasy, although IMHO this is one of those tracks that is ultimately cannot be pigeon-holed in such a manner.

This is a track that everyone is going to see in a different way, partly because of the way it works and partly because of what Grant (aka Sexmusic and also a member of Side Seat Driver who I reviewed a while ago) knowing how to couch it all for the best impact. Can't say fairer than that, and that is a good description of what I look for in a track. A knowing, coherent musical track with that extra mile done on production that makes it stand out from the crowd. With it's dub overtones (especially in the intro) is a surprising track that gets better with repeated listenings. Probably one of the best instrumentals I have heard this year.

Highly Recommended blend of styles (electronic rock anyone?)

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