Saturday, August 30, 2008

Northcape - Doesn't Feel Like a Long Way

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Northcape, in case you didn't know, has been a stalwart of Soundclick's electronica community for a good many years and yet, surprisingly, I've only ever reviewed one track, and that wasn't really a review per se. Distance was a track Northcape had donated to the Sinewinder CD (Ears International) (July 2006) SC's electronica forum project for the Habitat For Humanity charity. Because it was part of a much larger whole, I was unable to give each track the amount of attention I would normally give them but even so I wrote of Distance 'Northcape is my kind of electronica artist, one who uses mixtures of sounds to get what he is after. This pays off handsomely with Distance, an intoxicating blend of different instruments'. If I said that on such short review time, how much foaming at the mouth would I do with a whole track and the normal amount of time?

Sensitive viewers should look away now.

Should you know of my own music you will know that I am a man of detail. Not for me the tsk-tsk-tsk of most hi-hat rhythms, and apparently not for Northcape either because this track has some lovely touches in that department. Take a little listen to the first thirty seconds or so of Doesn't Feel Like a Long Way and you'll see what I mean. That same detail is also applied to anything else that happens in this track and - given the amount of time he's been doing this - all is as should be expected. Even down to the six minute running length; electronica is by nature a verbose genre that lends itself to extended workouts, which is not to everyones taste. Mine included.

It takes a particular kind of track to overcome some of my predjudices about the genre and and clean, melodic work areone of the keystones of that. It is a standout feature of this track and certainly the first element I took too, after the percussive phase. That's pretty much the way the track crept up on me. Noticing this bit this time, that bit next time. In that way, Doesn't Feel Like a Long Way, is exactly what it says. It might be six minutes long but you certainly won't notice it especially if electronica is your musical nirvana buddy.

Highly Recommended melodic electronica.

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