Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Antennaheadz - Dead Horse

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Wade a minute!! Wade a minute! Didn't I just review The Antennaheadz a couple of minutes ago? Well, in this crazy world that sometimes happens running a monthly list so whaddafek??? A few years if you asked me to spend a while immersing myself in the musical entity known as Thomas J (he has too many guises to mention - obviously Antennaheadz is one of them) I'd have shuddered spasmically, projectile vomited for England and then donned my protective costume before I ventured forth. These days, I have to say, it's quite the reverse. While I have always admired and sometimes liked the wilder side this artist has pursued down the years, the latest musical step Antennaheadz have taken have been - to say the least - surprising.

When I reveiwed The Boy Who Took The World (June 2008) I wrote 'Thomas J/The Antennaheadz are getting right on top of their game' and Dead Horse is its logical progression. As I have pointed out whenever I have reviewed this artist lately, it is very difficult to make something that really works - especially in a lo-fi setting. Seems that every time Antennaheadz turn to this style, it works a treat. While The Boy Who...etc sounded more of a 60's throwback (charming, quaint, quirky) it managed to grab a well deserved Must Have from me, and that's no mean feat. Dead Horse comes right up to date with a kinda Celtic/folky arrangement that will literally lift you off your feet and swirl you round in a giddy reel.

If this is a Dead Horse, it sets a craic'ing pace and I want one.

Again, the basic lineup is part of this track's major appeal. Even the hum and spoken countdown add to the tracks 'pull in the listener' factor, and once you are in there that vicious ryhthm will take care of all other needs. Never one to be taken at face value there is always more to an Antennaheadz track than meets the eye. While the absurdly infectious music takes care of your ears, the more than serious lyrics give your brain the right massage too. Despite, that is, being a bit rushed at times so get a squint at the lyrics too. All in all, a blinder of a track in any genre, and an absolute stunner from this artist. Thomas has always trodden his own path and I for one am glad that I finally seem to have found my way there too.

MUST HAVE alternative knees up. Killer song too.

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