Monday, August 25, 2008

David Deal - Where Are You Now? - A Rockorian Chant

Hear The Track Here

My first encounter with Christian rock artist David Deal was with, surprisingly enough, First Contact (February 2008), an overtly Christian rock track that I thought pretty good and worth checking out something else by him. Good job then, that he spotted my signup on POPspace, because I had my eye on this one when I reviewed First Contact. This version of Where Are You Now? is remixed and remastered and I didn't hear the original anyway in case I would have to review it. That's my excuse, so I'm sticking to it.

Don't be misled by the progressive rock label because this is a track that straddles God knows how many different genres. Where Are You Now? is an almost six minute wander through some of the worlds more spiritual places, much more Eastern/Buddhist in feel than anything else. This is probably one of the reasons I seem to have latched onto this track like gangbusters. Not just because it does explore a lot of my own favoured musical niches but because it does it in such a positive and fresh way.

Obviously the tried and tested monk chant is going to be at the heart of any track carrying its name and - to be fair to David - he has done a remarkable job. See, when you get a new sound happening, it's real easy to then go overboard on it. Not so in this case, this musician uses the device just enough to imprint it into the track and then goes off to several different sections that echo it; lyrically and musically. I'm going to hanging on to my copy for further study and I name this track...

Highly Recommended blend of styles.

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