Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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Apologies for shouting the title at you but that's the way Digital Adrenaline wants it so there ya go. As you know, I try and avoid any mention of the T words in my presence. In fact I have been known to heap copious amounts of libellous slander on any I find lurking around. The T words, as you might have already guessed, being trance and techno. Ever since I unwittingly got involved in moderating the forums on the old Ejay site, I experience extreme discomfort when faced with music of this stripe. Mind you, as formulaic as some of the stuff was, you could find the odd rough diamond and Digital Adrenaline was one of them. And no, it's nothing to do with her being female and gorgeous (Ed: although that obviously helps). After a long, long absence, Digital Adrenaline appeared on my radar just lately and I thought snagging a review would be as good a way of catching up as any.

It's been, what four years since I last heard anything whatsoever from this artist, so I was expecting something that showed the amount of time passed and I certainly got it. It's obvious that Digital Adrenaline has learned lots about production and presentation, and with techno that definitely helps. Although the track itself gets well hard - as you would expect - it's certainly not the world ending in sheets of fire. Mind you, the hard bits it does have are sufficent to do the job - even on a techno philistine like me.

It has to be said that Digital Adrenaline throws a hefty chunk of stuff into the mix, but there is still a certain element of repetition going on. Goes with the territory, I know, but there is a very fine line between too much or just enough. Luckily, even though this stretches out to almost five minutes, it doesn't feel like that. Obviously there is a fanatic devotion to the ol' four-to-the-floor, and given the genre even that wasn't too onerous a task. If you like the genre (Ed: and who doesn't) then obviously Digital Adrenaline should be given a looksee. Considering I regard the genre as Satans Sputum but I'm not foaming at the mouth (yet), so even timid old you could tackle this level of techno.

Recommended Hard Techo.

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