Saturday, August 16, 2008

Charlie Armour - Sleeping

Hear The Track Here

Charlie Armour works in a genre I truly despise, film soundtracks generally tick me off unless I am actually watching the film too. All a bit belt and braces, know what I mean? Surprising then that Charlie and I have found much to agree about since I first met him with Bebee Bubba (July 2006) which gave me no clue whatsoever that I was about to embark on a cruise of my worst nightmares - and yet find it quietly enjoyable. Charlie also has the distinction of actually scoring a movie, Aswang whose website will tell you more about it. I've even reviewed a couple of tracks off that too, and not found myself any the worse for wear.

Maybe I am getting acclimatised at last.

Given that Sleeping is accompanied (on his website) with Dreamer, you may run away with the idea that Charlie is a man who enjoys his kip. Not so, he's obviously a very busy boy and yaay prodigious too. One of the main reasons I admit, with shamed expression for my obviously heathen ways, that I find a lot of this musicians work easy to assimilate is that he generally keeps it short. It's a rare Charlie Armour track indeed that tops out at anything longer than a couple of minutes. Charlie fills those couple of minutes extremely capably musicially and technically and outside of my usual grumbles about instrumentals in general and soundtracks in particular, I have found Sleeping a useful tool to induce the state in myself.

Having just re-read that last part, I think I need to make myself clearer. To say that a track puts me to sleep is not what I meant at all. As you know, when I review, I load up my Ipod with a weeks tracks and play them constantly as I go about my day. I have been reserving this particular track as my last listen before closing down for sleep, and that says something about Charlie's work. There is always a high standard to the instruments used, and a tastefulness in arrangement that is Charlie's trademark. As I say, not my usual preference by a country mile but you can't fault the quality of the work.

Highly Recommended piano based Soundtrack.

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