Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Road Apples - Beautiful Creation

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It's been a while since I last reviewed Canada's Road Apples, a classic pop rock artist I have liked in the past and recommended two of the three I've reviewed. Not a bad score, and a sure indication that this artist works in one of my favourite genres, no matter what it's called these days. Now personally, I've never considered the Beatles in any way Alternative and that is the prime influence in most of the Road Apples I've heard so far. Mind you, having lived with Beautiful Creation for a while, I'd say there is a definite Dylan influence at work there too.

I'm always for music that tackles difficult subjects and Road Apples has picked himself a doozy with this track. A co-write with Richard Bethell (who also supplies electric guitars and some vocals), Beautiful Creation is IMHO exactly that. It's also such a rock stomper you'll be hard pressed to stay still. From the opening barrelhouse style, exploding horns intro, establishes this as a track to be taken seriously. It takes a LOT of experience to make a track as multi-layered as this - even in something that appears as simple as rock.

Listen to this closely and there are all kinds of things going on, the arrangement is absolutely spot on in every respect; everything happens exactly as it should. If I was going by closeness to 'real world' production techniques this would be in there like a shot. There again, as I have discovered, it's actually about impact, drama and the ability to reach out and touch the listener and - given that you like a classic rock song - this touches every single one of those bases. Try as I might I can find nothing about this track I don't like and lots I appear to swooning about (the barrelhouse piano is priceless).

MUST HAVE pop song with a great back story.

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