Sunday, August 24, 2008

The SolitaireOne - Right Here On Soundclick

Hear The Track Here

Fourth time up (I think) for American blues rock artist, The SolitaireOne. Aha! A one man band that 'fesses upfront, gotta love that. I've been well impressed by the calibre and authenticity of this musician from the straight ahead blues of I Let My Baby Go (May 2007), the blues rock of Will It Be When I'm Gone (October 2007) a ridiculously laid back track that anyone familiar with American bar bands would understand immediately. Twenty Twenty (February 2008) though topped the lot, a classic rock track to it's roots and the first of his tracks that I could really get behind. Mind you, he's made more than a dent at Soundclick regardless of what any reviewer says; the blues is alive and well and on the internet.

Whether Right Here on SoundClick was or wasn't a contender in Soundclick's recent competition to write a SC anthem I have no idea. The SolitaireOne says he 'had writers block on lyrics for some time. It's basically a song about itself'' which is immediately obvious as the song gets into its stride. Vocals by the seat of your pants even. Obviously the classic rock formula comes into play again, this time with a much more resonant 60's flavour, as he cites The Kinks as one of his prime influences for this track.

You will have heard the music, or similar. a thousand times. The basic rock lineup is augmented with a supporting slide guitar that fits in the gaps well enough although I thought it sounded a bit thin in the mix. The track is absolutely awash with guitars, all of them delivering a very authentic sound. It goes without saying that music of this type should naturally be loose and IMHO Right Here On Soundclick skirts right on the very edge of loose, particularly lyrically. As good as the music is on one level, ultimately this is - to my ears anyway - a bit of a throwaway track.

Recommended Classic Rock nonetheless.

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