Friday, August 01, 2008

Azoora - She's Coming Dubmix

Hear The Track Here

Obviously I am personally well entranced by the four person band known as Azoora, at least judging by the string of Must Have's I've given them with every single track I have reviewed. Now, either they are paying me big bucks which is not so because I'm poorer than dirt, or they really are THAT good. Tell ya what, I'll let you choose. Take a listen to any track off the Tall Tales (2007) or Revelations (June 2008) EPs available for free download from the 23 seconds Netlabel, whose URL I am sure you can find yourself by now.

Meantime, we've got some new music to digest...

As you may have noticed its World:Dub listing is one of my own fields so you can bet I was looking forward to reviewing this baby. One thing you can always expect from an Azoora track is an outstanding production and sound and She's Coming is no exception. It's another Paul Loader/John Purcell composition so also songwise it's going to be about as good as it gets, especially if you like great pop songs couched in the kind of arrangements that signalled out bands like the Smashing Pumpkins a while ago. To my mind, Azoora are the latest in a fine old tradition of English music, and have the musical chops to prove it too.

For the life of me, I'm hard pressed to tell where exactly the dub element comes into the picture unless it's that echo reverb effect right at the beginning of the track. In most other respects this is yer typical Azoora track, and that's always an event worth looking forward to. It's a taster for the next EP and as such it's a fine follow on from tracks such as Restless and Be Here. Apparently, this is not even the final mix, just a demo but dammit, it sounds bloody fine to me and well up to the usual incredibly high standard I associate with this band. Fans of the band will jump all over this and I recommend you do too.

No question. Music of the highest quality. MUST HAVE (I can't wait for the final track).

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