Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Azoora - Temptress Ft Peter Garland

Hear The Track Here

I willingly put my hand up and state right upfront that I love this band like no other. They are, to use a popular idiocy, a Gilmore Flavour Of The Month. Sure I am aware of what kind of kiss of death I may be loading onto their shoulders but hey, I am in love. Fact is, ever since I reviewed Marzipan (March 2007), I have been a die hard fan which the band have only made stronger by a string of the best tracks I have had the pleasure of hearing - online or off it. Two things about Azoora make them IMHO arguably one of the finer groups around. The strength and capabilities of their musical prowess and the absolutely knockout production that encases ALL their work. Although I have likened their work to The Smashing Pumpkins that's only because I am searching for a lazy reference point. Tell ya what, check out both of their free EP's at 23 Seconds Netlabel and believe me when I say that this is the best thing you are likely to hear this year.

Now that all the plugs are out of the way (snigger) let me state that Temptress isn't actually an Azoora track. It's a remix from Rude Corps, a well known Soundclick electronica artist, with vocals from rocker Peter Garland (a name I aim to become familiar with). I feel I can't do these remix reviews without checking out all the permutations so thanks for the extra work Azoora you b******! Listening to the original I got vague (and I do mean vague) echoes of Simply Red when they knew what they were doing, and I got to like it because of that. Really good song and excellent arrangement courtesy of the Rude one.

As I mentioned, I have come to expect an outstanding track from this Azoora and I never been let down once. Ever. I would love to have been around to watch both Rude Corps and Peter's faces when they first heard what Azoora did to their track. That wide-open sound you associate with their own work is the centrepeice of the track, giving the quiet confidence of the original the power and aural drama a song like this requires. I suspect that Azoora member John Purcell is the main suspect for this lovely peice but the quality is - not to put too fine a point on it - fekking ridiculous. The kind of music that grabs you on passing and won't let go. As it goes, I would probably have raved about the original track and certainly recommended it but I'm sure that both Rudey and Peter would agree that Azoora took it to the next level.

MUST HAVE. Great song, world class sound.

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