Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pidgeman - Babylon is Doomed?

Hear The Track Here

Babylon is Doomed? F****** A, as someone once said. Don't know about you mon, but whenever me hear dat Babylon t'ing I think of reggae. Not something I would automatically expect from Pidgeman, an alternative rock musician from MP3 Unsigned I have reviewed a half a dozen times, without too much upset. Fact is, I do like a good singer/songwriter, especially when their chosen field is rock of the old school and Pidgeman fills those shoes very well. Babylon is Doomed is filed under Experimental which I find kinda confusing. What I hear is rock, pure and simple, and that's plenty good enough for me no matter what you call it.

It's a track that was, apparently. written, recorded and mixed in one evening, although there is a newer mix (this one) it isn't immediately obvious - even to my ears. Nope, what you hear is a ery strong, well performed song that will have much appeal both to his fans and new listeners. It's the song that counts at the end of the day and Babylon is Doomed is a terrific peice of work, lyrically and musically. Much more to the point, Craig Matthews (aka Pidegman) pours his heart and soul into expressing the sheer anger and bafflement the lyrics convey.

One of the major problems I have with a lot of the tracks like this I hear is that it is this close (holds thumb and finger microns apart) to being the real deal. As the string of highly recommendeds I have given to this artist will testify I do like what he is doing but sometimes I think the vagaries of home recording do songs as good as this no favours. If that sounds harsh it isn't meant to be, I really like this track. My point is how close it is to being a Must Have. I know Craig has a good rock voice, and this track does show that, there is still a drag on the vocals to my ears and that shows in a big way in the chorus. It's a powerful, dramatic chorus and I feel that that Craig is holding back way too much. This is (obviously) a highly personal opinion and I say it because I know that he can do it better. I feel it in my bones, ya know?

Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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