Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Peach Tree - Absorbtion

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The really good thing about reviewing as I do is the amount and variety of music I listen to, one of its drawbacks though is that you are required to say what you think. Having been on the other side of the review divide myself (and suffered the slings and arrows forthwith) I try not to be too hard on tracks with obvious flaws - which is why I am often described as a 'nice reviewer. Well, as The Peach Tree knows, it doesn't make criticism sting any the less. The key ingredient IMHO of making a real go of this online musical game boils down to one old fashioned word: perseverance. Usually in the face of overwhelming indifference or facile comments that mean nothing whatsoever. You fall down, you pick yourself up and it's one step at a indeed this artist has done.

Got to admire stickum...

Absorbtion (sic) is a brand new track from the album The Ghost Of Muses Past - as are all the tracks on his page, none his older works remain. A whole new leaf then? Well kinda/sorta again because Absorbtion turns out to be a very dense, if short at just two minutes, slice of electronic weirdness carried along by what sounds like a regular electric and/or bass guitar. Now I'm as game as the next man for experimenting, for daring to be different but that can only go so far because this is music we are discussing and sophistication doesn't always translate for yer average listener.

There is a doomy, off key edge to the track, not aided by lots of low end noise. I presume all this is intentional, as his the guitar figures that dot the landscape. I find it hard to say, even after lots and lots of plays, whether I actually like it or not. Essentially it's a (bass?) guitar instrumental, the electronica undertones providing that air of doom and menace that drenches this track. Mind you, it's only two minutes long and I'm not sure how you could carry such a simple routine any further. I'd be more than happy to try another one though.

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