Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Larry Ludwick - Weary Waltz For Reuben

Hear The Track Here

Larry Ludwick is a name probably more familiar to Soundclick forum users as a reviewer in Critics Corner but, like all the reviewers working out of there, are musicians too. My first encounter with Larry was with Nod's Ascent to Dave (July 2008), a jazz peice that touched all the right musical bases and showed that Larry definitely knows what he's doing. A bit too smooth for my own particular tastes sure enough, but that's just a matter of taste. When it comes to recording a track intelligently and, above all, cleanly. Larry Ludwick cuts a damn fine track - whatever your preference.

The Weary Waltz for Reuben only reinforces my opinion. It's a markedly different track, a kind of folky Alternative and - surprise, surprise - it's a song. OK, it's a tired, worn out track, exactly as the title suggests. In all other cases to use the words 'tired' and 'worn out' when discussing a track would automatically signal the Kiss Of Death, but this particular jobbie just waltzes blithely by without a care in the world. If I thought it were either tired or worn out, I'd be pointing out the exits. Instead, that world weariness is an intrinsic element of the track and works a treat.

While I have nothing but admiration for Larry for placing the music so in the pocket, and the vocal performance just so; I did find elements of the vocals a bit sloppy. Now whether that was intentional or not, I'm not sure but it is noticeable. Mind you, you can never tell with this kind of material anyway, it's very looseness is also the glue that holds the genre together. Nonetheless continued exposure to this track did me no harm whatsoever, although I could do without the 90 year old ladies in flowery dresses asking for a dance every time I go up the High Street. Obviously they have no idea that the 'waltz' I was doing was the result of too tight underwear.

Highly Recommended rock waltz (I know, I know...)

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