Sunday, August 17, 2008

Iannai - Scattered Peices EP

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I'm sure many of you are experiencing a deja vu moment so let me put your mind at rest. I have indeed reviewed Iannai's Scattered Peices (June 2008) and liked it very much indeed. This review, however is centered on the Scattered Peices EP, in this case five themed tracks. So, what is it with EPs at the moment? Almost everyone I know is either releasing one or thinking about it, even me - albeit of a restrospective nature. Anyhoo, if you missed the initial review of the EP's title track, let me summarise. It's a tasty, rhythmic slice of IDM that actually works, moreso because it also contains a terrific electro-pop song. All the songs in this EP contain 'the story of a man who is scattered and lost. Each song describes his journey as he returns home and the pieces of a broken man finally come together'. Scattered Peices starts the EP off, then.

When It's All Over is track two, an exact compliment to the opening track, following much the same groove too. What is evident from the get go is that this is a musician who doesn't think small, and that he has the production nous to polish it to a fine degree. What it isn't, though, is a song as catchy as Scattered Peices. For sure, it's an excellent electronica instrumental with some tasty guitar work but outside that... It does provide a musical buffer between that track and Somehow You Knew, a classy, elegant track that creeps up on you in a most interesting fashion. It's a tad smoother than I'd normally like, but I can certainly see where this would appeal. Nice feel on this too, and again an instrumental.

Out Of The Pit isn't strictly instrumental, although you'd need a degree in Higher Gibberish to make out any of the lyrics, which I suppose is just as well when dealing with things from the Underworld. Speaking of which, this track kinda/sorta reminds me of. For my money, this is the one track I would come back to. It's got a wonderfully quirky sense about it, and a wicked groove. Finally Home is, as you would expect, the last track on the EP and like the opening track is a fully fledged song. Also 'a bit of ballad' as Iannai gladly admits, and with more than a hint about Pink Floyd about it say I and that's not a bad thing at all. Having lived with these tracks for a while I would have to say that the standout track was still Scattered Peices itself, but honours should also go to Out Of The Pit and Finally Home; great examples of what this artist is capable of.

Excellent electronica EP. Highly Recommended as a whole.

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