Friday, August 22, 2008

Pilesar - My Friend Sunshine

Hear The Track Here

Not saying this to alarm you or anything but this next track may be a little smelly. It's a bit old, ya see. And you know what happens when things are old. 'How about something i did 10 years ago?' Pilesar chortled as he presented this peice of old tat before the Gilmore peepers. Once I had gotten over the initial (and usual) gag reaction - and coated the nasty thing in laminate - I decided that this time even Pilesar had gone a little too far. 'It's one of the first things I ever recorded on my 4-track' he continues as if he didn't notice my sudden green tinged suntan. Now, as if this shabby, shabby treatment were not enough, he girds his loins for one final statement. 'I have no idea what it's about or what it means'.

Wot, and you are looking to me for explanations?? Riiiigght...

One of my biggest problems when dealing with Pilesar is keeping a straight face (as it were). Normally I wouldn't write anything LIKE the amount of double dealing rubbish in any other review. When faced with this artist, all common sense flies out the window. Not sure why that is. Which counts in the same way that 'I have no idea what it's about or what it means'. Pilesar is most decidely a unique voice on Soundclick, and one I find surprisingly accessable considering that musically he is about as out there as it gets. The terms alternative and experimental just don't do this artist justice. Think Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart via The Residents and all points to the loony bin and you'd have it wrapped up in a straitjacket.

Some people think I kid about this artist, but this dude is seriously lethal to brain material. My Friend Sunshine is a case in point. Pilesar takes great pleasure in working with unusual sonic materials (to say the least) and it has always been one of the main attractions for me, not to mention his more musical live offerings. However, the Pilesar I absolutely relish beyond any is the absolute manaic who introduced Acka Fracka (October 2004), and of course Mandible, into my life. It's no good shaking your head and muttering that I am just as bad as him. As I said before, liking an artist as complex as Pilesar is a very personal thing and - like the man himself - I do love a bit of musical jiggery pokery. And remember one small thing about this artist that is not often mentioned: he does all of this stuff in a 4 track recorder. No, I wouldn't have guessed either.

Excellent far side of reality experimental madness. Highly Recommended.

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