Monday, August 25, 2008

Mike-K - Just Passing By

Hear The Track Here

I haven't caught up with Mike-K's Saturday Night Rocks show over at Mixposure for a couple of weeks. Mike is currently on the move from one house to another and I have more work than you can shake a stick at. He made sure he got the latest track to me though. He is nothing but thorough. Speaking of SNR, it has long been a champion of artists I might never have heard otherwise. One such is Kephas, who I met in chat recently, along with his good lady wife. We joshed and hurled insults about to the manor born and fun was had by all.

Who said you need a REAL life?

The reason I mention Kephas is because Mike has played his tracks since forever, and because he appears on Just Passing By in collaboration with the man himself. Seeing as he is primarily a guitarist himself, he certainly gets to work with a lot of other guitarists. Kephas is a breed unto himself, a guitarist in the manner of Carlos Santana, with that whole Latin thing going for him. Actually the Santana reference comes because he has the same tone and capability of ol' squeegy face (Ed: I think he's referring to the facial contortions Mr Santana is capable of) but he is - to my mind anyway - a different feel.

Kephas is one of those guitarists that make every f-e-k-k-i-n note count, and its shown off in wonderful style in this Mike Kohlgraf Kreation. Now if you've ever come across Mike before in his musical guise you will know that he is prone to favour the smoother side of life, musically speaking. The style he has been developing of late dovetails beautifully into what Kephas always brings to any party and - in this one instance - even slides a nice smoothie past me. Splendid collaboration and one that could have been seen coming from miles away.

Excellent Latin Jazz. Highly Recommended.

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