Saturday, August 09, 2008

Frankfurt Dialog Company - Do or Die (A summer song)

Hear The Track Here

Like many Soundclick users (yes, addicts sound about right to me too) I check in most days, usually to check my PMs ( a few) my forum posts (a few more) and anything else I need to do. Again in common with regular users, I feel sometimes it would be nice if I could get more comments/reviews/plays/downloads. I don't obsess about it like some I could point to (if I could recruit enough fingers) but, yes that sort of attention is important to every musician on Soundclick or elsewhere online. I came across Frankfurt Dialog Company because one of their members was kind enough to leave a comment on my page, I always respect someone who does that - and not necessarily for the ego boost it did me. To me, it shows a willingness to be part of something other than the 'marketplace' most of us seem to despise so much.

Just takes a little thought, right?

Obviously from Frankfurt (also home to Burp and Decollage btw) the band consists of 'Silke, Andreas and guests' and as the 175,000 plays I've seriously been missing out on not noticing this artist before. Class from the get go, as I expect from most musicians I have encountered from Germany, the musical performance being particularly inspired, a lot of which is down to Andreas Horchler. Aided most ably by Canadian Neil Numminen on bass (one of the highlights) and Carlos Carranza from Argentina on dobro (a much underused instrument IMO), this is a truly global track - so it really is stunning just how well this track has turned out. It's a testment to how relaxed and confident these musicians felt laying down this aurally splendid peice of music.

All, of course, would mean nothing without there being a great idea behind it. It's the heart of the matter, as the song itself says. The great idea being, in this case, Silke - a vocalist you are not going to believe. As much as the track will commend itself to you (if you know what you are listening to), its the vocals and the lyrics that finally put this over the top and head and shoulders above the crowd. Looking through some of the comments posted about this track you see phrases like 'beautiful', 'great', 'excellent' and more stars than exist in the sky, all of which should tell you that I am not alone in this opinion. So, check out this band and see what you have also been missing out on. Me, I'm going to kick myself a few times for missing this one in the first place.... Won't make that mistake again.

MUST HAVE breath of fresh air.

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