Friday, September 05, 2008

Brothaz Grimm - Eyes Of The Mask

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When I was a lad (Ed: a great many years ago) there were two kinds of music; good and bad. Well that's not strictly true. There was Mom and Dads music and then there was your music. These days there are so many genre labels on everything it's hard to know wtf to listen too. Now, I found a new one. Coined, I suspect by the four peice Canton OH based hip hop outfit Brothaz Grimm who describe themselves as 'horrorcore', Explained to me as gritty, inner city, real life scenarios. Actually I have heard a track in this genre a while back from Miami's LMS and that was an experience I will never forget.

So, the question (for me anyway) is can Brothaz Grimm make me poop me pants the way LMS did?

I like hip hop. There, I've said it. I find it a vibrant, exciting genre albeit with the usual amount of wannabees. Soundclick's hip hop audience is of a far great magnitude than any other genre and it takes something a bit special to impress. Whatever Brothaz Grimm call the area they work in, there is no doubt that there aren't many hh artists who would dare to be as different, and it works a treat. Best not go into expecting musical beauty, it's a stark, spare arrangement with the main riff being carried by one electric guitar line, augmented by a piano playing the same line every once in a while.

Well it should be sharp and brutal sounding right? The point, as always, is the rap and this is one outfit that gets this reviewers thanks for posting their lyrics online, and believe me reading those lyrics will definitely enhance the whole experience. The raps in this case being carried out by E-Dub and Dego in that order and if you are thinking that I am overdoing the omg factor let me show you the first two stanzas of the rap 'silent night, deadly night, thats when i be stalkin, like a hit man,got my mask, then i grab the dynamite'. With endless chopping, slicing, bashing and mincing (and we are talking about people here, not music) the lyrics obviously carry a well deserved Parental Advisory. Nonetheless, this is an excellent rap and a very taut, frightening track. So, dare you take on hardcore rap horror?.

Different and Highly Recommended (unless you are squeamish)

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good review.