Friday, August 01, 2008

The Antennaheadz - Butterflies

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So there I am at the end of the month, looking at an empty review list but I still have this one little track lurking in my To Do box. Obviously, somewhere along the line this one has slipped by me. Oh well. I'm sure I can persuade Thomas J (aka The Antennaheadz) that it's merely oversight and that I am not ignoring him. The last time I did that he bombarded me with the hardest tracks I have ever had to review. Just joshin', of course. Well, it's true that the tracks were hard but this musician has come a long, long way since then as the latest batch of Antennaheadz tracks have proved.

From 'use the door!' to troubadour in one bound. (Ed: I should really kill that one)

I've noticed yet another small innovation in his style insofar as he now credits Thomas J Marchant as songwriter so there ya go, fame at last. He is a well liked and respected musician and I think that anyone who has known him for a few years will have been surprised with his changing style(s) but nowhere more so than in his latest 'lo-fi/retro' singer/songwriter role. If you'd have told me two years ago that this musician was going to turn into a modern folkie I'd have asked if I could buy some of what you are on, so bizarre would have been the notion. he's making a surprisingly good job of it though as The Boy Who Took The World (June 2008) amply shows.

Butterflies is, in style and lyrical content, a throwback to a much simpler musical age when the likes of Syd Barrett was able to make some of the most intriguing music - with very little. Consisting of nothing more than an acoustic rhythm or two, a basic drumtrack, and the man himself warbling away on top, this is not really a track if you want aural splendour. If, however, you want a good song performed with a lot of dash (if not actual expertise) then this is yer man. Not in the same league as The Boy Who but an excellent Antennaheadz track for all that.

Recommended acoustic Alternative

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