Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daysahead - You Move Me

Hear The Track Here

Chris Bishop, head honcho at POPspace, is a deeply committed individual, both on the websites he runs, the music he makes and even the artists he chooses to champion. He would be down for my Hero Of The Year Award except he keeps blotting his copy book by choosing tracks for me to review that are listen only - and I hate reviewing that way. No way can you devote the amount of time to that as I would to a track I lived with. However, in the interests of world peace and equality, I'll do it. Because another thing about Chris is that the man has a terrific pair of ears, I've certainly not had any reason to doubt that since he's been choosing tracks for me.

Oh, btw, he's a musician too ;)

Daysahead are a four peice band; Kim Leachman (vocals), Steve Wright (guitars), Myron Carroll (bass) and James Barrett on drums. The track I've chosen is billed as Acid Jazz and indeed jazz does seem to be their main ouvre and that's fine by me. I definitely have a liking for most of the genre, especially the kind of thing Dionne Warwick pioneered, and that was the first musical reference that came to my while listening to the track the first couple of times. Obviously I know nothing whatsoever about this band other than their line up but it's obvious that what we hear consists of a LOT of experience. No disguising it.

Of course, no matter how much experience you have it means zip if you can't put to constructive use, and You Move Me shows that this band can do much more than that. It's a very slick affair, as you would expect given the genre, but the musical detail in the track does demand a strong, clear mix. One of the failings of a lot of unsigned artists is their inattention to the WHOLE sound spectrum and You Move Me is a lesson in how to do it right. A rhythm refreshing and moving as the track itself would have it. The icing on this particular cake is Kim Leachman, a vocalist's vocalist. She coaxes, purrs, sighs and pours sugar directly on your pleasure centres; a singer to treasure.

MUST HAVE Acid Jazz. (c'ept you can't have it so nrrr)

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