Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crimson Summer - Sleepwalking In Reverse

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Crimson Summer is, according to the Soundclick webpage, a guy called Mark. Well, join the club Mark, most everybody on Soundclick (or any other site for that matter) is also a one man band. Crimson Summer is a new name to me anyway, even if he has been on Soundclick since 2004 and has thirty tracks on his page. I don't think people realise just how big Soundclick actually is. Even for someone who reviews well over thirty tracks a month I am still only scratching the surface of what is available. So, if you think I am ignoring you, think again.

As usual, that's my excuse and I'm going to be sticking to it too.

Billed as Alternative: Experimental (whatever that means) Sleepwalking In Reverse was conceived when Mark discovered a looping program (which one I know not). Don't know about you, but just the thought raises goosebumps on my flesh. whenever someone mentions such things I'm instantly transported back to the heyday of programs like Ejay. I know, for a fact, that making rock (of any stripe) is almost impossible in ANY looping program because of the dynamics of the genre. So, I was pleasantly surprised that Sleepwalking in Reverse was actually a very listenable, guitar oriented peice of alternative rock.

It appears to a composed of two distinct parts; a kind of jangly guitar peice over a spare, basic (and slow) drumtrack before it heads off into much tougher rock territory for the second section. While I do notice the segues between these styles easily enough, most people probably wouldn't. They would be listening because it actually does fit as Alternative and because it's a track that is cleanly mixed and presented. Not quite my style but if I was to make something like this, I would be proud to have come up with a track this stylish. It is, of course, merely a guitar instrumental but hey it is at least a good guitar instrumental.

Recommended Alternative.

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