Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mark Holley - Money Tree (Feat: Joseph Rodriguez)

Hear The Track Here

If you have been reading these reviews for any length of time the name Mark Holley will be well known to you. An MP3 Unsigned based singer/songwriter/producer, I've reviewed lots of his tracks, and many of the endless collaborations he's into. Such as this one, as it happens. The last Mark Holley track I reviewed was Wonder Why (May 2008) which also featured guitarist Joseph Rodriguez and his addition made that track work. They seem to have a good connection, Joseph's guitar style definitely adds more bite into what Mark comes up with. Mark Holley is what I would call a 'classic' songwriter, his work is always full of ideas both in terms of musicianship and lyrically. Although there are some of his tracks I've been ambivalent about, I'd say the overwhelming impression is of a confident, assured musician.

Almost all the structures of Marks songs echo the greats, in this case the Who surprisingly enough. Mind you, that's also happened in the past, and that's a good thing in my books. Mark explains that he was just having fun with a little techno tune and some nice fat cliches, then Joseph supplies some licks and off it went. What comes out the other end is a bouncy, rocky ode to the rat race and, as usual the production and performance angle of the track is covered every way from Sunday.

So if you are in the market for a decent rock track, Money Tree will certainly fit the bill. Being a long time afficiando of the genre, I did like what Mark and Joseph had accomplished musically, and lyrically this is well up to previous Mark Holley tracks. For my money, it was vocally that kinda/sorta let the side down but only because it tended to sound quite ragged once or twice as if Mark were struggling to get there. After a few plays that ruggedness became kinda charming but just that. A very decent song, and performance though, for all that, and I'd have no problem grabbing your ears and saying 'listen to this!'.

Recommended Rock song.

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