Sunday, August 24, 2008

Laroche - Immaterial

Hear The Track Here

Almost the first thing anyone creative does when encountering the internet music scene is start coming up with the most ridiculous names to call themselves?. Unless your name is Caernarvon Fartworthy Pyssed-myself (sorry Caern, ol' buddy) I see no reason why you shouldn't be known by your given name. I have always gone by my own name too, but that's probably because I might otherwise forget it. Anyfekkinhow, Nick Laroche (geddit?) is a Canadian electronica musician I've encountered once before with A Synopsis (May 2008), a very good indicator of just how much he has to offer.

The most striking thing about that track was the very high production standard, it was full of neat little audio tricks and judging from initial listenings to Immaterial this seems to be Laroche standard. Actually, I think the effects and the whole golly-gee factor of the production this time is much better, more focused on creating atmosphere. Aha! A lightbulb comes on over your head as you begin to understand I am talking about music designed to make your eyelids very, very, very heavy.... So heavy they are closing....


Don't run away with the impression that I think this track is a snoozer in that way, in fact Immaterial is exactly what I would want to hear when I wanted something to wind down - and yeah maybe even go to sleep too. Other than that, to be honest, I don't have a lot of time for the genre but - as ever - I do like to hear something done well and Laroche shows that he's got what it takes. Immaterial is a gentle, and relatively short but very effective lesson in the less is more school of thought. Can't say I was enamoured of ALL of the sounds (some of the plucked sounds grated on me) but that's a technical quibble. This is a fine track, by anyones lights and if 'a downtempo chill experiment with some trip-hop leanings' sounds good to you, clickee linkee...

Excellent Electronica trip Hop. Highly Recommended.

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