Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MD-1 Project - I fcuked Aphex Twin

Hear The Track Here

'Hope this scares the crap out of you' MD-1 Project smirked while lobbing this one at me. Now from anyone else, I say FOAD, but I know this musician of old and I know that he really, really means it. See, we butted heads a couple of years ago about just such a track as this (surprisingly enough called The Fear (May 2006)) which I didn't 'get' at all. Sure it put the fear of God into me but touch me where I live, it did not. That probably says more about me than it does about Ricky Mancini (aka the Project). Obviously, he took not the blindest bit of notice at the time - and rightly so - and now decides its time for a rematch.

But that was then and this is now...

A lot has happened since then, not least of it being MD-1's prodigious output in loads of different styles, more especially collaborating with Melinda Mohn in Stella Polaris Project. This self styled 'freakbeat experimentalist' - an accurate description btw - has come a long way. None of his latest work has that real aural edginess that so marred those first tracks for me. Mind you, yer casual listener, wouldn't say that at all because oddness, weirdness and general musical mayhem (including Mel singing Twinkle Twinklie Little Star) is the stock in trade of this track. Then they'd be real busy cleaning up the mess induced when the main track kicks their heads in just around the 2 minutes mark. Presumably, knowing the man, that must be the time of maximum vulnerability.

So definitely not a track for your granny to be around - it might mug her. For the rest of us grownups I Fcked Aphex Twin is an excellent example of what MD-1 Project does best. You'll probably have to appreciate the finer points of sub-bass d&b style undercurrents, glitches, odd breaks, noisemakers by the bucketload and always, always bear in mind that is just the kind of artist who would demand to drive a train through the track just for the final o.mi.god effect. A seriously demented performance that you either like or not, but you wouldn't ever forget it once heard. That, to me, has always been the main criteria for rating anything termed 'experimental'.

MUST HAVE dubby Experimental (with the emphasis on mental).

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