Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Are All Dying - The Reason

Hear The Track Here

A completely new Soundclick name to me (the first this month I think) We Are All Dying have been working hard to get a bunch of reviews so it was only a matter of time until they got to me. We Are All Dying appears to be a collaboration between Oliver Juster from Germany and Luke Stephenson from Australia. In their endeavours they are assisted by Marco de Boer from the Netherlands), Ryan Peters and Scotsman. No information on where the last two names live but obviously this is a world wide project.

God bless the Internet eh?

What comes out the other end is....well, different anyway. The Reason (which features the lyrics 'we're all dying' btw) is a very complex, unique and tremendously involving track billed as Other Alternative and its certainly unlike anything you have heard before. Although your initial impression is going to be of a very linear track, the more time you devote to it, the more it will show you. This must have taken forever to work out, and to keep that trance like state going anyway. It also has an absolutely killer chorus; featuring the bandname as I mentioned.

Because it's a multi-layered track, it will demand a fair bit of your time to assimilate and this is another instance where knowing and/or reading the lyrics while playing it is essential. It's essentially a polemic about the state of the world and our part in it, but when you combine that message with the music it becomes a much more powerful argument - especially in that chorus. Right now there are only two tracks on the band's page, this one and The Signal and I for one hope that there are to be lots more. A cracking introduction to something new.

MUST HAVE Alternative.

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