Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dawn Sinclair - Just Like That

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I have long been a fan of songwriter Carole Douglas (Bolton Songbank on Soundclick), a very polished and professional composer. There is nothing I like better than a great song, and given that there are millions of musicians around us, there are very few songwriters. Finding the two Dawns (Sinclair and Diamond) on MP3 Unsigned has been a big pleasure and I look forward to their new collaboration. In the meantime, Dawn Sinclair gives us a bit of hip hop, a distinct change from the last track I reviewed; Golden Years (July 2008). Golden Years is the first track from the 2 Dawns project and is a lovely peice of traditional folk which got a Must have from me.

Go. Listen.

OK, veritable list of characters getting into the picture on this track, so thank God for cut and paste. The music is by Boyana Bjoern; the lyric by Dawn Sinclair; the female lead vocal by Coko Korinne; and the rap is written and performed by Pro20. The final ingredient is Sal Salvedore who is responsible for production and arrangement. Obviously then, Dawn is primarily a lyricist, and a good one at that. See, good songwriting isn't about verbosity, it's about tautness and precision, and the successful generation of images to go along with it. All things, thankfully, taken into account by Dawn (and indeed rapper Pro20 who supplies the rap lyrics). What really boggles the ol' brain cells though is that - despite having a LOT of cooks - Just Like That is slick, adventurous and a lot of good clean pop fun.

The fact is that this is about as professional a job as it gets in the unsigned world and I am amazed that this track worked out so well, so all kudos to everyone involved. I don't know whether one or two of these people oversaw the general concept or whether what I hear was totally organic (ie it just grew) but the feel and complexity of this track is bloody awesome. OK, I like hip hop and I like pop (and this is both) but, as I said at the very beginning, I love a great song and this is exactly that. Class production, arrangement and performance.

Highly Recommended (very) commercial Hip Hop.

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