Friday, August 22, 2008

Science Of Sound - U & I

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Hold on a minute, you have caught me at a most inconvenient time. See, I'm puzzled. I usually manage to keep things straight for such an old geezer, but somehow the connections that Tony Cummings makes are momentarily confusing me. Now, more about Tony in a minute, lets see some more of my current dilemma. I have always known that his musical alterego is Activeminded, whose My Star (July 2008) was his usual excellent standard. Now I have just discovered that the man is also behind Science Of Sound (aaahhh, the penny drops...) and I can't encompass all that information without going on a bender...

and that will never do.

U & I isn't that far removed from the style of Activeminded, so if you liked that, you'll love this. Like a lot of musicians in the POPspace/POPsphere, technical ability goes hand in hand with musical nous and this track shows Tony (in whatever guise he adopts) is a cut above most you are likely to hear. So the only really important question remaining to be answered is whether you would like it. S'no good looking at me like that, how the fekk would I know what you like?? Ahhh, yes, forgetting that I'm reviewing this for a moment there.... I've always found that relaxed electronic music, not matter what you call the genre, is most definitely a matter of personal taste. Some tracks I can really groove on, some I just can't stand from note one.

I've never been a great fan of ambient, which this kinda/sorta is, but I am a very big fan of class workmanship and solid, interesting, out-of-the-ordinary sounds and this contains plenty of both those things. The opening piano sequence, and the spiky, echoey plucked sound make a perfect counterpoint and lead in to the track proper. So, if you don't like the first 10 seconds or so, chances are this isn't your style anyway. This track gripped me from the start because it is an excellent, intelligent peice of music that sounds as good as it plays. The six minutes or so it takes up vanishes in a haze of musical blissout that'll do for most people looking for a great peice of music - of whatever stripe.

Class electronic chillout. Highly Recommended.

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