Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soul Dust - Cold

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I know this is going to be hard to believe but once, a good while ago now, Soundclick's heavy rock scene wasn't dominated by Avalanche. See I told you it was hard to believe. So where did I, ultimate rock animal that I am, go my teenage kicks from before the advent of the A word. I got it from Canadian heavy, heavy rockers Soul Dust. A few years ago, this five peice band where all over Soundclick like a rash and then - as happens from time to time - they disappeared from view. They re-surfaced last year with About You (July 2007) as meaty a slice of rock as any Soul Dust have thrown my way over the years and well worthy of the Must Have rating I gave it. This despite it being an older track (ie released prior to my reviewing it), and now I begin to see why there has been such a nother long pause between tracks (especially new Soul Dust material.
Our returning friends, however, bring some sad news...

Ron Twemlow (drummer) and Rock God vocalist Myk Shaflik have now left the band, which is a sad loss indeed. Myk has one of the best rock voices I have heard but I have a vague idea I'll be hearing from him again. So, up steps a new vocalist to front both Cold and Ocean, two brand new tracks just released. Rev is his name and beyond that not much else is known. Ron IS playing on these tracks but this is his swansong too. Now Soul Dust have always had that heavy rock thing down, so I cranked up my system in anticipation (Ed: meanwhile his neighbours were installing sound baffles to their windows and doors).


Weeell, not quite.... Cold isn't an instant headbanger, even if the first notes give that impression. It sounds a tad retro, and that ain't a bad thing. Mind you, that fine rock thing they had has been transformed (somewhat) with an infusion of what sounds suspiciously like prog-rock to these prejudicial ears. Musically it's as muscular as ever, thanks to SD's Dre who looks after that side, and Rev does a wild job on the track, spitting venomous lyrics hither and yon. It's a strange hybrid though and it took me some time to really warm to it. Nothing wrong musically or vocally, just not sure about the track. As it says, time will tell.

Highly Recommended heavy guitar rock.

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