Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cam's Even Song - A Touching Place

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In the world that I grew up in (on a planet similar to this one), children like me are taught that certain professions should be given respect. Chief amongst them, along with policeman and doctors, were members of the clergy. My childhood was coloured by this thinking. Unfortunately, my early youth exposed me to the uncaring and unfeeling side of a lot of so called religeous life, and it wasn't for me. Which was intensely painful at the time because I am by nature a deeply spiritual man. Add in some further mayhem caused to me (and lots of other UK people) by a radical Christian sect called the Children Of God and there would be no hope. Except, of course, there is always hope. My problems with anything that smack of this kind of religeous intolerance (of ANY stripe) causes me endless problems with todays Christians too - even though we agree on most everything.

Let's not go there is a very personal issue.

Except we have to because to deal with Cam's Even Song, and he is a very strong Christian, although I've never, ever found him in any way 'preachy' or 'overbearing'. In fact, its his musical lightness of being that carried a great many of his tracks - even the harder lyrical compositions. A Touching Place is a song about having 'a quiet place to touch God' and that is a sentiment I can definitely relate too. The absolute first thing that popped into my head as soon as I heard this terrific song was - surprisingly enough - how much like Springsteen it sounded. Now maybe that has something to do with the new way that Cam is producing his vocals, whatever it is it works a treat.

The very best thing though, as always with this artist, is the song and A Touching Place is a really good song. It's as sparse an arrangement as I have ever heard from Cam before, and I am sure that has a lot to do with the impact on this track, especially for someone who knows Cam's previous work. For me, it's very simplicity and the stark way it is presented make this a very powerful track, and a very marked difference to the Cam we know and love. It's actually a ballad too, which is never flavour of the month, but the spirit of this track far outweighs my usual predjudice.

Highly recommended Christian Pop. MUST HAVE for Cam fans.

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