Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cameron Pierce - Young Lost and Lovely

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When Cameron put this track forward he said 'an attempt at something different' and if I was paid a buck for each time I've heard that, I'd be a very rich man. Much more to the point, this from an artist who I have known for years as a cheerful, light songwriter with a most definite sound. The amount of Cameron Pierce tracks that have stuck to my hard drive isn't even funny so when I see it from this artist I definitely expect something - whether it's different or not is obviously open for debate. A debate shown the door within the first twenty or so seconds of Young Lost and Lovely.

First off, he seems to be wearing extremely tight trousers.

Obviously he's making good use of the toys at his disposal and one of those has to be either a vocoder, autotune or whatever. The best thing I can say is that he avoided the dread fate of being dubbed Alvin, of the singing rodents fame - which is often the fate of tracks using the technical gubbins I have spoken of above. There again, considering his normal line up of guitar, bass and drums, that's all been replaced from the electronica shop so the track wallows in sweet sweeps, synth lines and other keyboard licks. There is an actual guitar solo, but don't blink because you'd miss it.

I know I advocate reading the lyrics while listening to tracks I review, it's even more important in this case - unless you have an Advanced Degree in High Eunuch or the hearing apparatus of a dog. Now I'm a sucker for artists who dare to be different and when they pull it off it is soooo worthwhile. As is Young Lost and Lovely once you put the words Cameron and Pierce out of your mind. Once I listened to it a few times, it's obvious who is singing this electronic pop song, and when you read the lyrics it becomes even more so. A serious song, Cameron says in the song comments and I would have to agree. With a serious treatment too, especially considering the gap between where he was and where he is now.

Excellent electronic pop from an unlikely source. MUST HAVE.

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