Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mike Romig - Too Far

Hear The Track Here

We all of us have our crosses to bear but most musicians on the internet are struggling with the limitations of the kit they are working with. It as surprising as it is, that I still manage to find much talent on Soundlcick and elsewhere. Some are good enough for the real world, some are too good for the real world (if you know what I mean) but the bulk of them are on the road. I first met Mike Romig when I reviewed Whatever I Do (November 2007) and one track does not a career (such as it is) make. Although he is filed under Pop, Whatever I Do was smooth jazz that even I could recommend, and you know I have an aversion to things soft and squishy.

At the time of the review I mentioned that the only thing that really held the track back was the 'factory' sounds so often employed by the great unwashed army of the bedroom musician - of which I consider myself a due paying member. I've produced my share of this stuff but IM(very)HO unless you shape and hone the instrumental sound the damn thing just doesn't emote. In my world, that is a requirement of what makes a track eminently worthy of hanging onto. Given the variety we net listeners are bombarded with, you have to stand out to have a chance no matter how talented you are. The reason I've gone on about this (Ed: and on and on and on...) is because presentation IS the name of the game.

I liked what Mike did with his previous track and I like what he's done with Too Far. There's no doubting that Mike Romig is an experienced and adept musician (although not to my mind a pop one) because the track you will hear has lots to offer, with the exception of those sounds and one other thing. I really like what Mike has done vocally with Too Far, although it doesn't sound quite finished; either that or I detect a hint of uncertainty a couple of times. Whatever it (and the overall production) do tend to blunt the tracks obvious impact. It IS a good song, and not a bad arrangement but the sounds do not back up that moody menace. Take for example, that kick. Nice. Meaty, solid. The sort of thing you want to bash your head against of a Saturday night. Compared to that, the rest of the sounds seem tame and staid in comparison.

Or maybe its just me talking bollocks again.

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