Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Peach Tree - Psy Vampires

Hear The Track Here

As far as I can figure (because The Peach Tree is a complete unknown to me) it is one guy. Angus is Australian and, considering the rock that usually emanates from that region, is a wholly electronic musician in every respect, especially if you like a bit of phatness about your beeps, beats and what have you. Now I admit that I am biased somewhat against standard (ie dancey) electronica but hey I'm not averse to having a good time provided the beats are right and the bleeps not to many. There is a lot of electronica I have gotten a taste for but that generally doesn't cover the techno or trance sides which I tend to avoid like the plague.

Uh oh. Bring out yer dead.

As you may know from my own work (plug) I am one for a phat bassline and Psy Vampires sports a hefty one of its own and it was probably the first thing about this track I liked, and consequently kept me listening. As I say, I'm not really a fan of this music. Still, Psy Vampires has enough to interest even a philistine such as myself and that always helps because it shows that the artist is thinking about what he is doing as well as grooving along to it. My problem is that - over the years - I've been spoiled by hearing way too many crap electronica tracks; tehcnology has certainly improved since then.

It takes a certain amount of musical skill to do a dance track that is MORE than a dance track and this does get close to that. It's the little tricks The Peach Tree brings to the party that make the track more interesting to yer average listener, let alone someone as picky as me. As well as a solid backline, the production is loaded with little audio tricks that'll have you looking around suspiciously; lots of neat breakdowns and a splendidly understated outro. All in all, considering the genre, I didn't find this anywhere near as terrifying as most of my encounters with the genre.

Intelligent, powerful dance track. Highly Recommended if you like the genre.

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