Friday, December 14, 2007

Tim Turner & Co - Diary Of A Nobody

Hear The Track Here

(Ed: Sorry to appear before you so early in the proceedings. Gilmore is hiding under the sink, away from what he calls 'the suits'. I've tried explaining to him that Tim Turner & Co aren't libel lawyers but he appears to be too nervous to take me at my word.) OK. OK. Am I here?? Sorry folks, had a touch of stage fright. So, the & Co part of this outfit may hold some interest. Let's see now...:Tim Turner - music, acoustic guitar, vocals, co-producer, Jim Miller - horns, bass guitar, slide guitar, co-producer, William O'Connell - keyboards, Jeff Nelson - drums, Bobby Dodd - lyrics. Well I know Tim Turner some from exposure on Songplanet, I know more about Jim Miller than I wish I did but the rest of them, I know nozzing... Not that I need to because, believe me, the music says it all.

There again it would because I know that both Tim and Jim are capable and more than competent of stable delivery and a remarkable consistency of product, due in this case to being a shared production between two studios. MTM Studios laid the groundwork and Studio 9er (Jim Miller's own studio) added the final touches, as well as his own musical contribution. A heavy duty thing then all round, and it sounds like it too. Not heavy going mind, just seriously, seriously professional - the kind of material the real world SHOULD be crying out for.

Of course, I am showing a substantial amount of bias here because I have always liked what these artists have done in their own careers but yet again, here's another Jim Miller collaboration that just shows how much he lends to any occassion. O.mi.God. I've just had the most horrifying vision. He may very well be the worlds first internet session musician because he's cavorted with almost everyone in sight. Tim Turner's easy rock style and his sharp ear for an intriguing vocal delivery shows just how capable he is; as a songwriter, musician and vocalist. I've always liked the vocal style of Nad Sylvan and Tim has many of Nad's qualities. A sureness of phrasing and pitch, an ease in letting go when the need dictates. Terrific track.

MUST HAVE. Top class rock.

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