Friday, December 14, 2007

The Deep - Beyond The Veil

Hear The Track Here

The Deep is a new name to me, in this case a rock band from somewhere in America who I stumbled across over at Popspace and you know I'm always up for a bit o' that. However, as I always do in situations like this, I need to explain that I have different views on what constitutes rock and not much of that is American. I had an early exposure to bands such as Kansas, Styx and a million other wannabes and that's not healthy for a human being who likes red meat. Ted Nugent anyday, know wharr I mean? The reason I am ejaculating such testosterone into the air is because - the first time I heard it - I got a flashback to an awful concert in Germany with the aforementioned K band that soured me for a long time.

Oh, good. Nothing personal then.

There again, as any regular readers will already know, I am very quick about spotting artists who (cough) know what they are doing. Yeah, there's a thing. The Deep appear to be a two peice band but you certainly would think that for the first skim through of Beyond The Veil (Ed: Oooh, wonder what that's about?) they numbered at least fifty. Certainly not at the beginning mind, just once it get's rocking... The beginning is what got the hairs on the back of neck doing a wtf dance; stylistically and musically this could have come from prog-rock circa 1976. Even the production kicks in with a clear, uncluttered and very typical mix and sound.

Aaah, but would you like it?

Funnily enough, I'd say it would be an even bet. T'ain't the kind of rock that drives me, but it isn't the kind of rock that drives me away either; although its leaning towards prog-rock (intentional or otherwise) definitely causes me problems. I guess that also has to be my personal opinion too because you couldn't pick a fault with the way Beyond The Veil has been put together, musically or any other way. Big hair rock played for highbrows eh? That was always my impression but hey, I've often been wrong and I'll be the first to admit it.

Excellent slow Rock track. Recommended.

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