Friday, December 07, 2007

Butterflies For Breakfast - Four Leaf Clover

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Is this the one that gives you roughage??

Butterflies for Breakfast are actually about as palatable as it gets in a brisk, power pop kind of way and I started listening to the track before I started to find out what else they were about. I'm much given to Irish music and - given the overall sound - I would have sworn that this band were from the Emerald Isle. Especially given that the whole song was about a well known Irish myth. You could have roped and hogtied me and branded my ass with Kiss Me Quick and I would have been less surprised than when I discovered that the band were from Sugarland, Texas. They look like a five peice, and definitely kick up enough racket for five exhuberant, hormone charged youngsters...

Just the thing for what ails the RW music business.

It is, of course, the reason we see them here too because they may well be potentially good for whatever is left of the music business when the dust settles, but in the meantime they are still paying the dues, doing the do.... Very nicely doing it too, if Four Leaf Clover is any indication. If that is the case, I hope they have a lot more than the two tracks on their page in reserve because the Soundclick is a hungry beast. Four Leaf Clover makes up in performance and energy what it lacks in polish and pazazz and that may well be the best compliment I can pay this band.

At heart, Four Leaf Clover is a terrific song, delivered in classic manner with what seems like hundreds of sing-along lines and those moments you give youself a hernia trying to sing. Hooks we call them, where I come from, and God knows there is a distinct lack of them in the current indie scene. THIS is the kind of music I want to listen to, coming from a youth NOT spent navel gazing at the meaning of life, merely living it as best they can. Judged by this one example - as rough as it is - we are going to be hearing a lot more of Butterflies for Breakfast, and that's just from me.

Excellent (if a little rough edged) indie pop. Warm, accessible pop. Highly Recommended.

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