Friday, December 21, 2007

PKR - Eternity

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PKR aka Prakhar Kumar is another musician from India (from further north this time) who I have come across once before. When I reviewed A Nu Birth (November 2007) I had relatively complimentary things to say about him as a musician but the style of the track didn't touch me very much. It was all a bit too earnestly soft World music or New Age/Soundtrack-y for my limited tastes. That's the thing with instrumentals, they either have to be standout of their own accord, or have something else going on that could attract attention. After all, this is a very, very crowded market and it takes something to get your voice heard.

c'ept for gobby types like me. (Ed: who you can't shut up anyway...)

One thing that can make an instrumental standout is to create an arrangement that works for the track and in that respect, PKR has come up trumps with this track. About two minutes or so into my very first play and I was already thinking 'what else can this guy come up with?' To be sure, the five and a bit minutes it lasts is packed to the rafters with interesting musical byways and it's going to be a track that you will want to hang on to and listen much more than with other tracks. It's undeniable that I am personally affected more by music from my own genre and Eternity is a solid peice of World music whichever way you slice and dice it.

I could pick quibbles about the track, sure, but overall I think Eternity is by far the stronger track of the two because there's much more to hold attention. One of the things that will hold your attention - should you be a fan of it of course - is the guitar work throughout. Nice tone, fluid playing, the sort of tune you relax into and float away, all held together with a more than adequate bassline. Although I can't say I loved the sound of the horns right at the end, I did enjoy the idea immensely. Certainly it worked musically but it just didn't sound right. Small change though because this is a very, very pretty instrumental with some great sounds and a knockout arrangement.

Excellent world music. Highly Recommended

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