Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nuff X - Blessing Curse

Hear The Track Here

James Bacon (aka Nuff X) has been having an excellent year, gaining lots of highly recommendeds and even a couple of Must Haves from this reviewer, mainly because of his glitch-rock approach; a sound he has pioneered on Soundclick to his great advantage. Blessing Curse is a track from Nuff's upcoming Spiked Drinks & Poisoned Inks album and if you know anything of the musician you will be facing that news with equal amounts of excitement and trepidation. See, ol' Nuff is an artist who likes to take things right to the edge - and then push them off. So don't go listening to this track if you are of a nervous disposition or indeed, if you don't swearing in a track. This has a well deserved Parental Advisory/

Mind you, when you consider the lyrical subject matter, a certain amount of swearing is highly likely, nay fekkin inevitable. As Nuff X warbles (yep, he sings on this) 'You f****** scare me when you're like this' and I think I'd have to say the same back to him. Wtf were you on when you can up with this tortured beauty? For sure, there is a lot of anger in this track, from the raw, unfinished sounds to the proto-punk vocal style. To say that it was a bit spiky would be a massive understatement. Raw, bleeding all over the floor music.

It's a lot more conventional in style than a lot of Nuff's other creations, but once the vitriol gets going the track turns around and bites you in the ass. All of a sudden the musical ground underneath you turns to mush, you scrabble blindly for a handhold, your breath catches in your throat. That, my quaking chums, is fear in action. A LOT more experimental than Nuff X usually delivers, albeit in a fairly standard arrangement. A powerful, angry track that spits venom down your ears with devilish glee.

Nuff gets down. ;) Highly Recommended Electronica with added X.

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