Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sumit - Whiff Of Home

Hear The Track Here

Sumit, as you might have guessed, is a musician from India. He's also another new musician to me who I first met when I reviewed Changes (November 2007) and his first impression was remarkable. Changes grabbed a Must Have from me, and not many new artists manage to do that. New to Soundclick that is, because obviously judging by my hug-a-bunny excitement levels, the music would have to be of a very standard indeed. Now, here's the pay attention section; Changes is a dyed in the wool blues track of the first order and I'll fight any man (I dont bash ladies) who disagrees. (Ed: we won't insure you Gilmore, but we will hold your coat). S'right. De Blues. From India. The Ganges has a delta dunnit???

God, I'm argumentative tonight :D

In case you haven't guessed yet, Sumit is an axeman. Not a chopper of wood or people but strangler, distorter and perverter of strings. The kind who litter the streets of the western world ten a penny and now - apparently - also in India. Got to go some then to make any headway in a fairly crowded field. However, there are guitarists and guitarists, if you catch my drift. Sumit cites Jeff Beck, Jimi who art in heaven and Pat Metheny as influences and that is about as accurate a musical reference as I could come up with. Funnily enough, it's an amazingly good blend and managing to contain the almost prog rock feel to the minimum.

He obviously knows that brings me out in spots.

I don't think Whiff Of Home has the same impact on me as Changes did, but that shouldn't in any way detract from the high competence levels on display. Whoever is playing on this knows exactly what they are doing and how to get it done in the most efficient manner possible. Sounds like they are having a whale of a time doing it too and that's probably the most essential ingredient; the performance is of a very high order indeed. There again, that was the thing that first drew me to Changes too. That and the faultless production lavished on both tracks. A testimony as to why rock will never die.

Classy Jeff Beck influenced rock. Highly Recommended.

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