Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Wheel - All Over

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S'no good folks, Big Wheel's got that funky bit between his teeth and he just isn't going to let go. Although this is officially classed as Electronic House there is more than a smack of funky butt stepping all over it. As well as disco and all points downwind of there. See, Big Wheel is one of those artists (and don't you just love 'em?) who milks the subject for all its worth and that's never a bad thing. Personally I like a nice smacka da butt funk me baby too, and I must admit I have become partial to the round job's particular way with the genre. Hey, it works, don't knock it.

All Over is an absolutely accurate description too because its as many different dance shades as you want to put there. I'd be willing to bet cash money that if I say I hear house, disco, ibiza, funk and the slightest hint of jazz, you would hear some very different things, it's that kind of track. While I was writing this review, I wandered over to BW's Soundclick page and saw this in his news section: 2007 should be quite good then.... I should bloody coco mate, and then some. It's certainly been a year in which this artist has stretched himself into contortions hitherto unknown...

Da funk'll do that.

Almost all the tracks I have reviewed this year came from his new Rollin' album giving him a string of highly recommendeds and a couple of Must Have tracks so this is one album worthy of having in your collection. Especially if - like me - you've developed a liking for what he does. For sure, the guy has a knack of turning in some very professional tracks technically and musically and All Over is a shining example of that talent. Understand me here, I can't stand this kind of music AT ALL unless its done properly and All Over does it all over me. I am loving this track and can only agree with one other BW observation about his track 'with many pianos because pianos are awesome'

Yeah baby. Highly Recommended and a MUST HAVE for BW fans.

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