Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mike-K - Here We Go Again (ft Maria Daines/Jim Miller)

Hear The Track Here

Seeing as this month has been a bit of a slog, I thought I may as well round it out with yet another track.... As if. With one notable exception. It would have to be something that featured three of my all time favourite Soundclick artists playing together on the same track. Fear not though, where rock stars fear to tread, unsigned artists slouch right through the door. For here is a new Mike-K track (an on-line music veteran if there ever was such a thing), aided and abetted with the stellar assistance of the Chocolate Lady (Ed: he means Maria Daines, I have the Child Lock on his mouth) and my favourite Texan saxman Jim Miller. Now, as you know, I have great respect for Mike-K as a musician even though we don't see eye to eye with his more easy listening style - and smooth jazz sure does promise to do that....

No assumptions mind... (Ed: riiiight)

Mike wrote the music and lyrics and produced this little jobbie and his meticulous attention to sound detail, a solid, professional mix and this wouldn't sound out of place on any late night radio show. In fact all three parties contributing here should receive a hearty pat on the back. Sure this music isn't that much of a stretch for any of them but they manage to sound fresh and different, each of them in their own way. I've watched Jim Miller (and Jim-n-Lisa) ever since he first appeared on Soundclick and as surprised as I was to discover that he could actually play a saxaphone, I am overwhelmed by what he has become since then. He has developed a style that can only be his, a way of phrasing, mannerisms that is instantly recognisable - and he can already be seen in a variety of other settings. Including a couple of mine. (Ed: BING! Shameless plug!)

The biggest surprise of all comes from the Screaming Saucebucket (Ed: that Child Lock was such a great idea...). Whereas the Maria Daines we know as the 60 fags a day, fire breathing dragon of a voice, viciously savaging the vocal as if it were a pesky varmint; the one that appears on Here We Go Again is a very different animal. She lends that fine vocal to the jazzy arrangement as if born to it, the vocal caught beautifully in the mix with just the merest echo overhang.... Classy. The combination of all of this is a superb (yep) middle of the road track the like of which you are unlikely to hear performed or produced better. And, just in case I haven't made this clear enough, I usually hate the beejesus out of this style, can't do that with this though.

Work of Art. MUST HAVE. (even for a peice of online history)

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