Friday, December 21, 2007

Tedd-Z - Serpengorga XIII

Hear The Track Here

OK I can see by the way some of you are scuttling for cover that despite the terse bandname and the convoluted song title, you know full well what's coming next. Hey I understand the 'flee for your lives' tradition, I've been a proud member of it all my life. However, as one does, I've developed a fairly hardy shell towards certain artists who have exposed themselves to me, one of them being the bad boy described above. Regular readers will be only too well aware of this experimental artist because I've certainly reviewed plenty of his tracks. Mind you, he's also fiddled about with a couple of my tunes too..

As you can see, no one is safe.

Just to prove the farging point, here he is again up to his old tricks; cavorting with not one, two or three artists but - by my count - five or six. All on one track. The artists whose bits are fiddled are Acrid Switch, Paradise Decay, MD-1 Project, Digital Juggernaut, Redshirt Theory and gawd knows what else. If it was anyone else, I would have canned this one long ago but as I say, Tedd-Z has wormed his way into my affections (or is that affectations?) over the years and I often find him an interesting and intruiging listen. So long, of course, as I am wearing my anti-psychosis helmet; without that protection who knows what could happen?

One of the ways Tedd-Z has journeyed somewhat towards his audience is to give his electronic weirdness a decent, and often very propulsive, backline to drive the whole thing forward. Serpengorga XIII comes complete with wall shakin', earth moving qualities that will thrill and amaze your neighbours. At least those that survive such a barnstorming especially played extra, extra loud. This is probably one of the best Tedd-Z tracks in terms of that awesome bassline and the chunkiness of the rest of the rhythm, it makes the six minutes of the track zip by. A small word of warning though, this is a hard bastard. The kind of track with LOVE and HATE tattooed on it's fingers and a neck the size of the Blackwall Tunnel and a rottweiler dangling from each paw. Don't, fer fargs sake, look at it while you listen.

Tedd-Z. Hard. Highly Recommended electronic weirdness.

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