Monday, December 24, 2007

Corey Drumz - Fresh Dress'd

Hear The Track Here

In the mid 1980's I was gainfully employed at a recording studio in NYC's Brooklyn Heights and consequently got to hear some very, very smart hip hop and that experience definitely changed my views on what the music should sound like. In some ways I am much more critical of the technical aspects of the music than I am of (say) a rap, but that is because I know the real thing when I hear it. Corey Drumz is the real thing and there was no doubt in my mind about that from the getgo. This was backed up against another hip hop track in the review list and the difference is night and day - THIS is what hip hop should sound like. OK sure, Corey seems to have some production facility going for him, but unless you have the material as well toys can't help ya.

'You are about to witness something fresh' the track starts out, and - as the track develops - you can see what this means. Soundwise, Fresh Dress'd is solid, a very abrasive kick sound battering the track into shape that works so well. On other tracks I'd have something to say about it's volume but it kicks massive butt in this track so who gives a fekk. Speaking of naughty words, be advised that this is hip hop and carries its own Parental Advisory although - to be honest - I didn't find it that offensive. I also didn't find it as traumatic as The Retribution (January 2007) which still sits on my hard drive scaring me to death every once in a while.

Listen to it, if you don't believe me.

All of which should tell you that Corey Drumz is no slouch (or stranger) to this scene, and with that longevity comes the ability to make powerful, pointed tracks like Fresh Dress'd. For which we should be thankful, because there aren't that many people on the Soundclick hh scene that can do it like this guy, technically or otherwise. The raps are sharp, nailed to the rhythm and right on the money, conjuring up many of the ghosts of my own musical past. In other words, Corey Drumz is pretty much the classic sound of hip hop that I have loved for a great many years now, and Fresh Dress'd is an excellent example of what he does best.

Highly Recommended hip hop.

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