Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Endorphins - Splash

Hear The Track Here

These days I get tracks from everywhere. Gone are the days when I could take a lesuirely stroll through Soundclick and pick up enough tracks to give me earache for a month. The Endorphins come to me through this blog and are - to my surprise actually - from Bolton in the UK and knowing the area and its musical history, they sound exactly as I thought they would. Now that I see where they are from. I sat down to write this review assuming up until that point that this band was American and they had somehow manged to capture a very English sound, then I checked out their slice of The Murdoch Empire and lo - Lancashire lads all.

So am I, and we stick together.

Having said that, to really get the fruits of this track you will have to like your music fairly lo-fi and energetic in that typically English way. Bolton isn't far from Manchester so it's only right that there is a certain amount of that Mancunian swagger in this music too, The band are guitarist/vocalists Ashleak and Craig, bassist Dave and Deano on drums and - as Ashleak informed me - Splash is a demo. Glad he told me that because that would have been the first word out of my mouth in this review. Nonetheless, those who know me, know that I have no problems with iffy sound so long as the underlying material is worthy of a listen.

In that respect, Splash is, although I'm hard pressed to tell you where to get a copy of it. What? What is it? Well, It's a kind of cross between punk and todays so called alternative music and considering it is a demo it definitely packs the right punch. For my moeny I would have liked the vocal a little higher in the mix but hey, that's small change. The Endorphins kick up a rock based world that will please many of people and hopefully gain them some more listeners, they certainly have the musical and lyrical muscle if Splash is anything to go by... One to watch out for methinks....

Excellent English alternative. Recommended for a quick jolt.

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