Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Remergence - Probably (Styler Remix)

Hear The Track Here

Like a great many electronic minded musician, I whiled away acres of time a few years ago playing around with programs like Rebirth and the like. I've always been a fan of the original instruments so it follows that I would be interested in a software version of it. Having spent the aforementioned acres of time seeing what Rebirth and it's endless clones were all about. My electronica phase, probably all the good, came to a rapid end. The chief reason (no pun intended) that comes about is because if there is one musical genre that really gnaws on my patience it's techno and the ilk. Obviously I am foaming at the mouth because I have just spent some time listening to Remergence's version of the music I must not mention.

Coming to a track like this from my viewpoint, there is bound to be a bit of antipathy, but Remergence chooses a much lighter and coherent groove than you would expect; mainly based around a cut up female vocal that works extraordinarily well with such an out and out electronica blitz. I think it's that which saves Probably from an early visit from the Delete Button. That isn't to say that the musical side of this is somehow bad or wrong. It isn't, and I always look hard for spare ammo to lob at artists, as you all well know.

Where it does step out of the ordinary is in the use and inclusion of that female vocal I mentioned. It gives the track that essential spice it would have otherwise have missed. At that stage of the game, a techno track is a techno track, know what I mean? The vocal enters the picture initially as a series of notes before developing into a full blown yo mama vocal vocoded to within an inch of its life which - as it happens - is exactly what I wanted to hear from this genre. Not sure if this is a real vocalist or not (not samples for instance), but if it is, that is a voice well worth hearing.

Surprisingly commercial electronica. Recommended.

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