Friday, December 07, 2007

Redshirt Theory - Inside You

Hear The Track Here

The first artist this month from MP3 Unsigned is an old mate, Redshirt Theory whose IDM stylee has captured my ears a time or two over the last year or so - and I don't particularly like dance that much. Mind you, I do like almost everything so long as its done well and has plenty to say and on that score it's not surprising that Redshirt Theory should be such a big deal on that site. Funnily enough, I haven't seen them on any other site whatsoever so maybe if you want to check them out - and I heartily suggest you do - you'll have to drag your sorry ass to MP3 Unsigned to do it. One thing is for sure, if they were on other websites, they would do just as well.

They gave me a Must Have last year with Good Grace, a collaborative effort with Mark Holley who I've also reviewed extensively. Add to that a honourable mention as a rising star in my year end review 2006 and I'd say they've had a good year. 2007 has been well quiet though, and that's partly my fault. So let's make up for that right now. It's a given that I would like the dance side of this track, as I've already stated my preference for this artist but the inclusion of collaborators Tartan Rascals supplying crunchy guitars and excellent vocals made me wet my pants.

Luckily, I've always got spares.

Pretty much most of the intro will be familiar if you know this artists work, showing there is a reason why this style is known as intelligent dance music. Lets face it, almost anyone could put together a dance track but not many artists can make a dance track that keeps you amused/bemused/amazed for its entire length. Filling up almost six and a half minutes of dead air is a difficult task in itself, filling it up with interesting, variable and extremely enjoyable sounds is nigh on impossible but - curse them - Redshirt Theory and the Tartan Rascals manage so well they make you want to spit. Well done all. Remember those Frankie Goes To Hollywood mixes and remixes from the '80's? This is their bastard child all grown up and worldly wise.

Exceptional dance. MUST HAVE.

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